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Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow

I have always been a bit of weird gardener - not intentionally of course, but there it is. I do have a green thumb but it's pretty selective. The neighbor rototilled a garden for me smaller and closer to the house - the original one was way too big to manage and it was right near the edge of the woods. There was too much to fence so every night at sunset the deer would pop thier sneaky selves out and it was a free for all out there. They even ate my cornstalks to the ground, nothing had a chance. So this garden is fenced and it's close enough to water when we get no rain. Perfect you say. Hmm. First of all only half the garden grew - it looks like someone drew a line straight down the middle - on the right half 4 Mystery Plants that are obviously not weeds is all that has appeared, and that is all. The rest are scraggly weeds and clumps of grass, dirt abounds.  The other side - is growing so big, so thick you can't even see between the plants, the leaves are about 8 inches across, the blossoms are huge - I've been joking that the bodies must've been all buried on the left. So - what am I growing? Zucchini is my secret weapon, all of it came up and it's been producing like something out of a science fiction movie. I've eaten it and have taken two loads into work, yesterday I counted almost a dozen more. It poops out a zucchini every hour I think, but my saving grace is my big office full of people that want it. I brought in a bag full and it was gone in the time it took me to go to the bathroom and sit at my desk. If I run out of recipients in my office, the next door office is full of takers too, I'm in a strange position for once of possibly not being able to produce enough as I have a waiting list going. The plants in the front I had no idea what it was , I never mark or remember what I plant so it's always a big surprise. The vines grew up the fence and looks very fairytale like, I loved it untl the mystery was solved. It is watermelons and I have 3 or 4 so far starting to appear, at the top of the fence of course. I cannot unwind it as they will not fit back through and eventually(soon) the weight of them will either pull the fence down or it will fall off from sheer weight. So I have to figure out how to support watermelons in the air. The other plants might possibly be pumpkins which would be fun. There is a tiny rabbit living in the garden too, I have not addressed it as he is very tiny and does not appear to be hurting anything, he might be living in there for the safety factor as he's small enough to squeeze through and the dogs are not. They peer into the garden with malvolent intentions which is too bad for them, the rabbit is not coming out. Ever.  

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