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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Unkindest Cut Of All

We only had our Scout for a short time, not even a year from when we found him abandoned in our garage. Maybe the person that dumped him thought he would find a home with us - he did, after David cut him out of the wall he'd sought refuge in. He was terrifed of course, crying himself hoarse and hiding when we came near. No animal deserves that treatment, the party that dumped him did him no favors.  After a few days we finally got him to accept us - and brought him in. We fed him, had him neutered, he was our boy and despite his short time on this earth, he had it pretty good. Had we not found him so quickly things could have gone south for him, but we did and things didn't. How he ended up on the road is a mystery to us - we never saw him in the front. Every night when I called him in he came from the fields next door, after a hard day of terrorizing the mice. He was a sweet silly cat and I miss him greatly. I know everyone likes to say Never Again, it's not fun having your heart shattered every once in awhile. But , I'm not sorry - I gave a stray kitten a fighting chance, he did not ever starve, suffer an injury, no one threw things at him, he spent not one night cold or hungry. I would have liked for him to live his full life, to grow old and skinny like my Vincent who is currently working towards the sunset of his long and uneventful life.  But it was not in the cards. Our neighbor called and let us know he had been killed, after seeing the poster David put up and for that I'm grateful. The only thing worse then having a pet die suddenly is not knowing - imaging them lost and crying, I called him for days, every morning and evening hoping to hear his hilariously loud call back to me.  I'm sad that he's gone, but grateful he went quickly, without suffering. And no, I'm not going to look for a cat - I know one will find me. 

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