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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Picture Day!

 I was not going to take the annual Halloween picture this year - I am still not feeling well and my hip is uncomfortable with random screaming pain - I'm better but not great. But we went out to check on the Waynesburg house and stopped at the tractor store. I went next store and found a set of Molly sized  fairy wings at the Dollar Store and I was of course, off and running. I've been asked about how I get the dogs to do this, cost, etc.. it's actually pretty easy. The dogs are used to it, they know what to do and there will be cheese handed out when we're done. First of all, every picture we take is done on the couch, their favorite place. The backdrop is nothing more than cheap plastic table cloths ($1), one is taped on the wall, the other tucked around the back of the couch. Decorations are paper or felt so they can be taped to backdrop. I buy that decrotive mesh from Michaels on clearance and pile it around them, since I've done this for a few years I have it in just about every color. Most of their costumes are bought at Big Lots or The Dollar Store since they will be used for about 5 minutes (although Molly did not mind the fairy wings and we had to chase her to get them off). And they are really good - since we've done this so often they'll both sit and allow us to adjust them, then will sit for the pictures. I know it's silly but I really enjoy it and they both come out so well, don't they?
Anyhow, today is the last day of my vacation, so to speak. I have spent the last half of it being sick which really was not much fun. I have a vaporizer at night that helps with the coughing, since I can't take a lot of medications that the best I can do. The antibiotic is helping, my glands are no longer swollen - I have another 5 days of that. My hip is better, but I still cannot push off that leg which makes going up and down the stairs an adventure. Every once in awhile I'll forget and see stars. So progress is slow, but it is progress. But it's been nice to be off for an extended period of time, despite everything I did manage to get a few things done.

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