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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Daily Grind

I am still sick if you can believe it, not contagious sick of course since I've been on Topedo Grade Antibiotics, but still the cough, exhausted all the time, etc... I've been running like crazy since I got back from vacation, one day just pours into another. I've been as late as 9pm, out the door at 4:30a, and just flinging paperwork as fast as I can. Of course as usual, when you're sick and can't move another inch everything becomes an ordeal, doesn't it? I think by the end of the week all I could do was sit at my desk and whimper - which didn't stop the flood by the way - arrgh! I was out early AGAIN today but got home early, took Molly out and fired up the vaporizer so after a couple of hours of Vicks therapy (while STILL fielding phone calls from the office) I feel a little bit better, but not a whole lot. David and Rich went out on their first hunt today - well, Rich's first hunt, David's second (or so he says).  They got three, David got one, Rich got one.....and Reuben who could not wait apparently went and fetched a pheasant before they shot it, so everyone got one. If he learns how to drive a truck he won't even need them! Molly would like to go, but cannot get over being gun shy - we need to work on her but with our busy schedules it's pretty hard. One person has to hold on to her leash while the other fires a gun  so she doesn't bolt and disappear. Maybe later in the season we can try. I am going to try to finish knitting my latest pair of socks, I have to pick up the pace and stop buying sock yarn. I have enough to knit into the next century but honestly - I cannot resist!! Hopefully this weekend will be quiet and I can actually take the time to get better. I am so sick of being sick!!

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