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Thursday, October 22, 2015


I have not blogged in a couple of weeks - I have been running like a crazy thing. I knew I would be off for a week so I had to cram all my clients into one week - I was out of the house by 5 am some mornings, other days not home til 8p, but I did it! We started driving toward Tennessee Friday, the game plan being we would drive as far as we could, then stay overnight. It's almost a 12 hour drive and there's no sense in driving through if you're too tired to see straight when you get there! So stopped in Bardstown KY, then were at Jackson and Brandi's by 11 ish.We discovered David had left his cellphone and charger at the hotel so he called, they said  they would mail it next week. He really needs a new phone but it was MY charger he left! Since it was such a short visit we hadn't planned on doing too much but we went to the  Memphis Pyramid which is also the Bass Pro, it was great. We rode the elevator to the top and it over looks all of Memphis, we were going to eat there but since it was Saturday the wait would have been close to an hour - so we went to a Mexican restaurant. Sunday we hung out, then went to a great graveyard - it was so cool. Full of old statues, angels, crypts, I was having a great time until I saw the headless angel. I got so caught up in getting over to take a picture that I was not watching where I was going and stepped on the edge of the road, turned my ankle and went over sideways. It happened so fast I didn't have a chance to  break my fall and landed hard on my hip- and of course I fell on the paved road not the grass. Sigh, always batting a thousand, arent' I?  I felt it move and boy, did it hurt, Jackson helped me up and I was able to walk, but it slow and painful when I put any weight on it.Since I've been a klutz my entire life David made sure I wasn't actually dying and we went out to dinner and then back to their house. It was hurting but I could still walk and after that fall, I would have been surprised if it didn't hurt. Aside from that - and the sore throat I was developing I had a great time, I seriously could not ask for a better daughter in law and I'm so glad to see Jackson so happy. We left Monday afternoon, Jackson had to work the next morning and Brandi left for work around noon - we headed towards Adam next. It was further than I thought it was going to be and we ended up at the same hotel after a 7 hour drive - they hadn't mailed the phone yet so we got it back. We got to Adam's around 9a and spent most of the day with him. We took him out for a late lunch - we ate at the bar and grille he works at which was very nice, it's pretty upscale and he really likes the people he works with. He's currently got one more year of school left and he is doing well, he looked happier than he has in a long time so we were pretty happy about that. (isn't it interesting that if your kids are happy  and healthy the rest is gravy?) He had to work the next day and by now I was really not feeling well so we left late afternoon and got home around dark. While David picked up the dogs I drove myself to the doctor's office - in West Virginia by the way, the jack ass doctor in PA can blow it out her ass - I'm done with DR BEABOUT in Waynesburg. They X-rayed my hip with the conclusion is it might have gone a little out due to the force I hit it, but it is where it is supposed to be and there is no fracture. So it's ice, tylenol and elevation. I am on antibiotics for the swollen glands and congestion and am already feeling better. I'm glad no one caught it, score one for fastidious handwashing!! So, I am spending the rest of my vacation hanging out with the dogs and an ice pack, I guess there are worse ways to pass the time. 

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