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Monday, March 21, 2016

Blue Light Special

It's been awhile. Well, for me it's been awhile - for other people not so much. I took an early day today and was heading home, minding my own business - something caught my eye in the rearview. Sparkly blue and red lights twirling behind me, I put on my blinker and got in the slow lane to let him by - but it was no good. He slowed down too and rolled down his window to let me know where I could pull over. Now, I've gotten a few tickets so I know what not to do:

Whine - Hell, I don't even like whiners and it just makes you want to be twice as mean, doesn't it?

Pretend - I know I was speeding. He knows I was speeding.

Cry - hmm. Jury's out on that - the time I got caught doing over 75 in a 35 mph zone that was certainly worthy of a few tears. And a lawyer. 

So, I went with my usual - by the time he reached my window I had my license, registration and insurance card ready to go. We played a rousing game of Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over followed by my (not) favorite game of Do You Know How Fast You Were Going - word to the wise - NEVEREVEREVER guess how fast you were going. If you guess too low you'll get yelled at, if you guess right you'll get a big ticket. I did know why he pulled me over but declined to guess at my speed which apparently was 66 in a 45 mph zone. I was actually secretly delighted - in my universe that is not bad at all! But I did not say that. I freely admitted I was speeding and I was sorry (I was sorry). I was glad I didn't have to get out of the car for anything because I didn't have time to put my shoes back on. 

So, after making sure there were no warrants out on me or suspended license - he let me go with a warning. I had to sit through a somewhat longish speech on the Evils Of Speeding but seriously - no ticket - I'd have sat through another hour of lectures. So I have learned my lesson for now, I drove home at a respectable 55 mph although my grandma could have frigging WALKED faster than that......hmmm. maybe I haven't learned as much as I thought I had.....

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