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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Picture This

I used to take tons of pictures as a visit nurse in WV, there was not an abandoned building, grave yard, old mining yard I didn't enjoy carefully walking through. My old boss and I had several discussions on this subject since she would often view my pictures. She told me if I had to squeeze over, under or through a gate I was probably tresspassing - and the company would not in any way, shape or form pay bail or legal fees.  I believe this conversation took place after she saw the ones taken (inside) of a crypt. In my defense there was a hole you could access if you stood on the bricks outside and hung down over the wall while sneaking your hand in that was holding the camera. It was tricky but not officially tresspassing. I always took them on my lunch break and really, most pictures I take can be taken out of a car window. 

I like to take pictures of things that interest me, favorite is grave yards of course! I love the old statuary from the past centuries - the composition of decay, religious figures...some of them soar, others are small, plain and heartfelt. I love landscapes, cows, plants. Abandoned buidings with vines crawling, buckling under years of decay. But working in Pittsburgh I can no longer explore these - because most are not as abandoned as they look and I've been told not to go in them. That is disappointing as I've driven past so many! But there is the skyline with the big buildings and today I was able to take some of my favorite bridge. I've been taking more lately, David bought me a (so far) unbreakable camera and I've been using it more and more. 

This weekend I'll be taking the dogs Easter pictures - every year it gets harder and harder to find something new! They've been rabbits twice, so I don't want to do that again. I know it's silly but I really enjoy doing it and they like it too. They are, I have to admit, my favorites as far as picture taking. They're both such clowns it's hard not to take them. 

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