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Saturday, March 12, 2016

From Pillar To Post.

I can actually hear my sister laughing as I write this - she swears I'm the only person these things happen to. I am currently watching True Blood on Amazon Prime and like most of these services , they give you all the seasons but the last ones that are available for sale. Fair enough - it's not expensive and  I also get two day free shipping - or so I thought. I ordered on the 6th with a delivery date of the 9th. Monday I got an alert they could not find my address. I called Amazon and spoke to Rep #1 who called the carrier who apparently needed to speak to me to verfy my address. Since Amazon has delivered here before I was a bit kerfuffled. Two more phone calls and a very weirdly long winded explaination about 3rd party carriers and postal zones I was assured it would be at my house as scheduled.  I will not go over every detail but in the span of 5 days my two DVD's went to New Stanton, Smock, Washington, Smock, New Stanton,, Smock Warrendale and Waynesburg. If they had just sent me a little email saying it would be delayed a day or two I would have been annoyed but not too much as I'm not even done with season 5.

Instead, due to the internet and the ability to give the blow by blow I recieved alerts and email galore detailing where it was going which appeared to everywhere but my house. I had to keep calling and e-chatting because if I didn't it would just sit in whatever post office they tarted it off to and it would be labeled "undeliverable" - please keep in mind all of these places are in a 30 mile radius. Amazon kept upping the ante - I got $5 refund, a $10 dollar refund and then the last person gave me a free one month extension on my Prime membership. But I was still living in my sad little no Season 6 & 7 house where there was all sorts of doom and gloom, not to mention David who did not want to hear one more word about it. But then - on Friday morning - there it was! Through all of this strum and drama   I found out that USPS uses a 3rd party carrier - did you know that? They deliver the package to the nearest post office and then your postal person gives it to you. Unless you live here, then it's tarted around until you cry. 

So after all of this I then get ANOTHER email that my order for True Blood season 6 &7 will be here Monday - what!! Email, call, call and come to find out last rep decided to save time and order the replacement. The rep I was talking to was giving me instructions on how to return it when it got here - no, no, no I told her. She said it was already processed and would be heading this way - nope. I told her and then followed with yet another email that if it came here they were welcome to send a rep out and THEY could return it, otherwise it would just lay in the bushes. Amusingly they were able to stop the shipment. So, in the end I have my DVDs and am actually tempted to order something else just to see what happens. 

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