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Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Little Bit At A Time

I often wonder  how two people in their 50's with no one home but them and some pets can accumulate so much stuff. I've been cleaning out by sections when I get time, I cleaned out my old uniforms a few weeks ago and got a full bag to donate -I just hang on to them and some were sad and faded, others just never fit when I bought them.  I go through my clothes every couple of months, there's always something that can go. I went through the drawers in the living room and I got rid of two bags of DVDs, Cd's, books and a host of knitting magazines. You know , those magazines you collect and you think you'll read them again someday or they'll be worth money - but you never do and they never are. Today I did the kitchen cabinets - I threw out two garage bags of expired food, Things We Will Never Eat In A Million years and General Weird Stuff. The best thing I ever found was a can of grapefruit - who on earth would ever eat canned grapefruit?

When I'm doing these things I'm very grateful  for the fence David put up last year - the dogs have gotten used to it and when we're home - they are outside. Doing Mole Patrol, checking out the grape arbor for birds, chasing each other. David actually argued with me about putting it up but he's a big fan now, especially since in the morning all we have to d o is open the back door instead of having to go out with them.  I still walk them out in the woods at least once or twice a day, but for the rest of the weekend they're on their own for entertainment. 

So, anyway - I have been making progress. I considered trying to do it all at once, but it's too overwhelming, isn't it? It's not that we really have a lot of extra stuff, but you have to sift through it, keep or toss, keep or donate, on and on.  I sorted through all the cabinets and it's a bit more organized, I found there's things we like and I think we keep buying it because we don't realize we already have four of them in the back of the cabinet. I have tons of quinoa, orange ginger sauce, balsamic glaze, David has (4) containers of Miracle Whip, tons of peanut butter and 5 cans of canned chicken which he hates. So, the kitchen is organized, the basement will most likely be next but that will be in very, very, very small sections. 

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