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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Healthy Habit$

I bought meat at Whole food the other day - I pass it on my way home from a client's home and stopped in after work. David and I had been discussing his meat eating. I have no objections to his eating it - but the cheaper factory farmed stuff - aside from the mind-boggling cruelty involved in raising it - the way they get rid of all the bacteria (and filth) is to soak it in bleach. Yes they do. They do. Go check for yourself if you don't believe me. Anyhoo, Whole Foods has the loveliest meat section - everything is organic, grassfed, no antibiotics....and double the price of the local supermarket. I bought David a selection to try including uncured bacon/chicken burgers, grassfed beef, stuffed clams for fun - I bought my vegetarinan (vegan) stuff and went to check out. And almost fell over when the cashier said 

That will be $89.
 More than double what I usually pay - but not too upset about it. David is the only one eating meat and he doesn't eat it every night. Since I'm buying for a Party Of One it will last awhile. David squawked too - but I asked him wouldn't your rather pay more and eat a little less of something that hasn't been dipped in bleach and actually tastes good? We've both been eating better lately - it's hard though. I've started cooking up fresh vegetables on the weekend so we can quick heat it up on the weekdays when we're both running hard. I'm making most of my vegan stuff - I only buy prepackaged now after I read the list of ingredients and calories. Count on the American Food Empire to even make VEGAN stuff unhealthy! I love Tofurky artisian "sausage" - they are my guilty pleasure. 100% vegan - 14 grams of fat per serving, 25% of your daily recommended salt, and a whopping 280 calories per pretend sausage.  If I buy the other brand it's 7 grams of fat and only 140 calories, I jazz it up myself and it works. 

Food has become a scary thing - a lot of people start eating better as they  age for a variety of reasons. All of the sudden your cholesterol shoots up, along with your weight, you have to think about sodium, transfat. But add in antibiotics, bleach, low fat that's flavored with a wheel barrow full of salt, not to mention the chemical shit storm of the no calorie items. I bought a Zero Calorie Mayonaise which tasted exactly like something you would feed someone to get classified information out of.  I once bought No Calorie Chocolate and I assume the reason it was no calorie was because it was impossible to choke down.....yuck! So our fridge is stuffed with organic meat, fruit, vegetables and so forth. It's so funny that when we were first married and the kids were small all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, etc...were cheap - I actually used to make everything from scratch to save money - including the junk food. Now it's the opposite, the pre-packaged suff is the cheap and fruit and vegtables are the things that are breaking the bank. 

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