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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Great Switch A Roo

It's that time of the year again - I have been putting it off because everytime you think it's safe to get out the summer stuff, the temperature drops about 35 degrees and it snows. But  as we are quickly approaching May I felt fairly confident in my decision. I use space bags to store my clothes - no, they don't stay compressed at all. They will initially, but when you store them they sneaky re-inflate to original size. But it's easier to store 4 or 5 of them and it keeps all bugs and anything else creeping around your attic out of your clothes. I bring up a plastic bag too, I get rid of everything I've worn too much - or never at all.

When I start out I carefully sort each piece, fold neatly and separate - I have a bag for sweaters, skirts, pants, etc... This last approximately......about 5 minutes. I waited too long and it's as hot as Hades now in the late afternoon. The sweaters do not fit in their bag and I have to use TWO bags because I have so many stinking sweaters. WHY do I have so many sweaters?? Who the hell knows. Midway I'm just jamming the clothes in whatever bag they'll fit into, this is taking way too long, I'm really hot and I hate my clothes anyway. And I still have to hang up all the summer clothes. There's officewear, around the yard stuff, out to dinner and off to the park clothes. Molly is laying on a pile that I"m trying to put away, Bob is batting a sleeve hanging off the bed and I have had it! REALLY. But it's done, I still have all my shoes out but whatever, I'll just shove the winter stuff to the back, half of them I never even put them on this winter so what' s the difference? So it's done, until the fall.....

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