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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Best Laid Plans

So, we were going to get a lot done - David was going over to the Mather house, I was finishing up packing the upstairs so we can officially start moving next weekend. I took Molly&Reuben out to the woods for thier morning constitutional, book in hand to read. While we were out I started doing a little clearing, the rain has overgrown everything and I want the new people to see where the paths are. Molly and Boo were there,then I heard them in the field next door,Boo giving a loud troublesome bark. I yelled at them, then screamed for them as I could tell the way Boo was barking he was getting worked up over something. This was all immediately followed by The Howl Of A Pretty Bad Decision with a little bit of You Might Need To Get Over Here Now. They came through the undergrowth with Molly pushing Reuben in the right direction as he could no longer see. His eyes were swelling and shut - as they came up to me the smell of skunk was....enveloping, overwhelming, all emcompassing, you take your pick of adjectives.

I had to lead Boo back to the house, he was trying to open his eyes and blink but the skunk had scored a direct hit - I'm sure his eyes felt like they were frying. I yelled for David as soon as we hit the house and he picked Boo up and got him in the tub. After about 5 minutes of pouring water over his face he was finally able to open his rather radiantly red eyes - ouch! We scrubbed both him and Molly the Alpha dog who was not smelling too swanky herself. At this point David decided to skip the house and I skipped the packing - we have to look for a kitchen floor and a new phone service as A T &T does not have service at the new house,but the neighbors have told us Verizon has a nearby tower and they get great service with them. We found a Verizon store and will be switching services in a week or so, we got a good quote and it hopefully will not be too painful (or expensive). We found a floor we like so David will be ordering that after he looks at a couple more. Before heading home we consulted  the Google Gods and found that you can use a saline eye wash on dogs so we picked that up in case Reuben was still having problems.We headed home after that......

Molly smelled fine (especially since this had been bath #2 -  she rolled in a stinky thing yesterday) and was sleeping off the benedryl (she also stuck her nose where it didn't belong and got stung for her trouble so her muzzle is a little swollen on one side. It makes her look sarcastic). Reuben however, STILL smelled. A lot. And was still blinking a lot. So he got sent back to the showers for yet another peroxide/baking soda/dish detergent soak followed by an oatmeal bath to sooth his now irritated skin. Another eye irrigation and he's now sleeping the sleep of the just. And the not stinky. As for our plans - I give up. David is off gossiping with the neighbor and I'm sitting on the couch blogging and getting ready to knit. There's always tomorrow I suppose.....

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