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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Recing The Clock.

So, as I've said before - until we actually close it is not a done deal. We've had things go south on the day of closing - you get upset, then you move on. But as it stands now we are - 12 and counting it down. We had thought it would take at least a couple of months to sell figuring we'd be out around October or so, we would budget the renovation and by then we'd be in good shape. The house sold in less than 6 days so we're pushing it. David has been non-stop complaining about all the things we have but really, if you pulled every item you own out of the closets, the drawers, the attic - it would look huge too. We also had a large amount of things from the boys who to be fair, neither are in any position to come get it. Both were called and we agreed on what would be kept - but a huge amount is donated and thrown out. The piles of VHS tapes, old clothes, gaming manuals, manga books - out, out out. 

I've sorted through so much the past week my head just spins - if you gave me a box of The Crown Jewels I'd probably just dump them off at Goodwill at this point. It's hard because you don't want to get rid of something precious or irreplaceable, but on the other hand it's been boxed up in the cellar for 15 years so it can't be that precious, can it? We're taking most of our furniture with the exception of our bedroom as we don't really have that much and most of it is either fairly new or in good condition. David continues to work on the house and today I went over to put away a lot of the kitchen stuff  This would have been easier if someone had put the shelves in that he promised so I ended up annoying the turkeys and taking pictures for part of the day. 

I'm taking off a couple of days next week so we can actually get in the house. At this point we have Internet, water, washer and drying, stove fridge and a toilet, it will be a bit rough but we've stayed in worse. David will be finishing the house over the next few months, at this point it's a little hard to keep focused on the fact that the kitchen, main bathroom and bedroom HAVE to be fairly done and functional. The stove top needs a few more parts so we maybe hot plating it for a couple of weeks, but all in all it will be OK. And we're both looking forward to our new adventure.

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