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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just me and my girl!

Now it's Claw's turn to be Pet of The Day! David has returned from Uncharted Territory, also known as Pennsylvania. He found one house and put a bid on it. It's of course more than we expected to pay. The houses that were in $100,000 - 110,000 looked big on the internet but were "cozy" in real life. Anyone that's gone house hunting will tell you any house that's advertised as "cozy" or worse, a "cottage" it's for sure it'l look like an oversized shed. Then we've got to deal with selling our house - this week we're fooling around with: the building inspector, the hot tub guy, and the septic guy. David and I are of course, stressing to beat the band. If we don't get into a house soon and get all this stuff straightened out - we'll be homeless. Well, actually not, we'll be living in New Jersey which is sort of like being homeless but we'll be in a house and I suppose we'll have to wear tacky clothes and vacation on the Joisy Shaws. The building inspector just left, apparently we have a huge hornets nest in one of our attics. I'm sure the first of many surprises......

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