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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Who Goes There

It's Copper's turn to be the Pet Of The Day! That's his favorite spot to sit, he can see down the stairs and out the front door, yet remain completely safe from anything that might be vaguely threatening. I'm off for 2 days and then back to the salt mines.  I had a new preceptor last night at work -  my other one, Michelle, has gone on vacation. She's a bit loopy, but I like her. She doesn't have a computer at home so she gets her email at work which would be OK if she and her mother weren't fighting. When her mother emails her she crys hysterically (her mother's apparently related to my Uncle's wife in the Nasty Email Dept)and then spends the rest of the shift crying, calling her boyfriend and composing a response which we all get to hear. I don't mind - but it makes it awful hard to ask any questions! David called this morning and thinks he's found a house. It's a little more than we had budgeted for - but what house isn't? - but it does have a WORKING hot tub. So we shall see.

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