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Monday, June 21, 2004

If only this were my life

I wish I had a little blue dog toy stuffed with catnip that made me feel like this. Instead I get to be all stressed out and yelling. I know once this moving thing is over we'll all feel better but for now I feel like the patient I took care of this week. He described the way he felt as "like something's got a hold of me and won't let go".  I've been knitting like crazy which helps and trying to get organized. But I just look at the mess we have in the garage (after only 6 months!!)and despair. A little sneaky part of me wishes these people that bought the house will develop a problem and nix the deal - but then the other part of me is very excited about moving into a community with tennis courts and swimming pools. And renting is so out of the question, when I put "rental" in my search engine I come up with hundreds of hits. When I add "pets allowed" it comes back with one or zero. And to complicate it , we dont' have just one small animal, we have two cats and two large dogs. They're all older, house broken and not destructive but no one wants to hear it. The second you say dog click goes the phone.

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