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Sunday, June 20, 2004

What have we done now?

David and I had been talking about selling the house - this is just too far for anyone to come see us or for us to travel back home. So we put our house up for sale 7 days ago. The last two times this house was sold it took almost a year each time. I figured that was great - we'd have time to look, etc. Who would've thought in a million years a couple would walk in here 5 days later, make an offer for the asking price in CASH and want us out in 45 days. I've been waking up paralyzed for the past two mornings, I have no IDEA how we're going to pull this off this time! We dont even have a defiante place to move to yet, just somewhere in Pa. This may fall through of course, they might sober up or something, but the way my life runs I'm sure this will balloon up into some major event.

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