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Monday, June 28, 2004

Lips that touch litter shall never touch mine

We've completely despaired of making him stay out of the litter pan. I personally enjoy the way Charger comes strolling out of the bathroom with litter stuck all over his face and looks at me like he's done nothing. David's always claimed Charger is like a flamingo - you know how they eat shrimp to stay pink? - David says that's how he maintains his brown color.... Anyhow, David called from the Poconos yesterday. He had a good trip with only one wrong turn which only added about 20 minutes to his trip. And even better yet, our friend Ray was able to join him! Ray met him at the hotel and they spent Sunday catching up with each other. Ray said if we decide to buy in that area, he's also seriously considering buying a house there, his neighborhood in Kearny has gotten pretty bad in the past ten years - that would be so great. I worry  about Ray, from his description of how his neighborhood has gotten I'm afraid sometimes there's gang activity. Jackson is taking great advantage of David not being here, since I'm working nights there's no one to tell him to go to bed or to get up. Consequently, I think he's on my schedule, sans the paycheck. Work is fine with the exception of the fact I working the last of six shifts in seven days. But I'm off tomorrow, whoopie!

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