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Saturday, May 15, 2010

From What I Understand It's Saturday. I Could Be Wrong.

I didn't even make it to 4 am this morning, I laid there for an hour or so and then finally got up and made the coffee. let the cat out. Today is my only day off this month and I'm already stressed out about Monday. The audit is over, we passed so now it's on to the next audit, I'm working tomorrow because we still have no staff - yes I'm whining. Today is the last day of my knitting class but I've given that up as a bad job - I've missed most of it and I'm so behind on the project there's just no point to it. I'll bounce back again next week but today it just feels like there's no end to it all. David and I are planning on going out today and celebrating my birthday, his birthday, and Mother's day - we could throw Father's Day in there just to get a jump on things I suppose. The weather has been cold, but is warming up a bit today, everything is super green too. We have ferns growing wild which I love and the rhododendrons are blooming all over. The ones next to the house are huge, two stories high - so they're blooming right outside the bedroom window. We keep the door to the atrium open all the time, it's hilarious for the cats because they're sitting eye level with the top of the trees - talk about Cat TV!! David has cleaned it out and will eventually tile it, now that's been scrubbed and vacuumed, the walls just need a little paint and that's about it, it's in pretty good condition. I did get to knit last night so that made me feel a little better - I think I'll eventually take another knitting class when things settle down again, one way or another.

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