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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Looking Ahead

We have CHAP coming so it's going to be a rough couple of weeks at work. On one hand it's a stomach clencher, on the other these audits are what keep agencies on the straight and narrow so there's not much to be done for it. Of course this is when people decide to take off time so I'm back on the road too which makes it very difficult. But I'll figure it out , I always do. At the moment we're watching a Drama where everyone is being brave and So Forth, heart touching speeches, yada yada yada. Obviously I didn't pick the movie. I'm working on the shawl for class for next week, I finally got the first pattern down pat and will be where I should be by next week (the classes are every other week) but that leaves THE OTHER pattern which looks way hard. Knitting is not supposed to be stressful! I think it's just the timing of it all - next weekend is already shaping up to be a mess but all of this will pass and we'll get beyond it. I have to see a patient today (yes, I worked all weekend again, thank you for asking) but it's just one and then David and I will be doing the weekly shopping. Our food bill is driving us crazy - how can it be so high with only too people, one of which eats little red meat and the other that doesn't eat meat at all?? I was going to have a garden but short of reenacting Alcatraz there's no way I simply wont' be feeding the bears and deer. I'm also going to finish putting out my books, for my birthday David built me floor to ceiling bookshelves so I was happily unboxing book after book. When you take books out all at once you can see where a persons interests lie - most of the books are knitting, there's a large science fiction section and then my favorite - epidemics, disease, death and vermin. My two favorites are Pox (the history of syphilis) and a great one on the history of rats in NYC, entitled Rats of course. My book on small pox is missing as is a book on knitted baby outfits, but I'll come across it.

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