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Friday, May 7, 2010

Working The Salt Mines

As much as a good audit will whip an office into shape, it is probably the most stressful thing on the planet. We have charts piled all over the office, I'm back to doing 12 hour days and will be plowing through the weekend again. This is where I question the wisdom of going into management and whether I should have stayed on the road. Because out of all my career choices, I am an ok manager (and even that is stretching it) but I was a great visit nurse. There's a certain comfort in doing something you're very good at - it all comes easy. But it's hard for me to stay in my comfort zone. David has often commented I'm never happy - and I'm not. There is always a better house, better job, better place somewhere on the horizon and I just can't see it. But I know if I keep my head down and keep working I'll find it. It's funny how you can have an ideal of what you want - but it changes as you get closer to it. The thing with the audits is I know as stressful as it is - it will end. And then there will be some other thing to takes its place. And if I take another job it'll just be another stress, just in another form. As far as the house - we'll see. This house is pretty close to what we want in a house, the size and layout. It's just interesting enough for us to like it a lot, but not so interesting it has all sorts of problem. The yard is not. It's too close to the road and we haven't had a summer here - I suspect it's a bit like the Hamptons but without the money. As the weather gets warmer we've discovered on Saturday if you're not out on the road by ten you might as well stay home because you'll be sitting in traffic. I've gone by the parks but have not ventured into them, there's a lot of pit bulls in the area and a lot of inappropriate owners walking them. But before I get my panties in a bunch I think I'll wait and see.

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