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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Socks Of Guilt

 I started these socks back in March - they were cast on so I could take my little sock bag to Florida with me. It was the perfect solution, I could knit on the plane and in the airport and yet not become a Suspected Terrorist.  From then on I worked on the socks here and there, at the doctors, the dentist's, waiting on line, they were my emergency project. But two issues have to come to pass - so much time has passed between sock One and sock Two it was difficult to remember how I turned the heel (the pattern was off so I adjusted it successfully  - but didn't write it down so I ended up ripping the heel back on sock Two about a gazillion times) and the other issue is, well, after months they are still not done.  They've been occupying the bookshelf, 5th shelf up on the right tucked in my favorite sock bag glaring at me nightly. I could see them. They could see me. So after I finished the toy snake I decided to finally finish them. The other reason is the Shipwreck Shawl has entered the Very Very Boring Part (2tog, YO, 2tog, YO - repeat until insanity sets in). I usually don't mind repetition but because you have to make sure you knit two stitches together every other stitch you actually have to look at it, making watching TV impossible.  So now the socks are well on their way to being finished and the shawl is on the floor filling me with guilt. In other news, our office finally moved. We packed up on Friday, Monday the moving van came and we are now in our new office space. It's huge - and everyone is a bit discombobulated - nothing is where it should be, everyone forgets the storage room and the chart room are now separate entities, but we will get used to it. I hope!

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