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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Happy Herbivore

 I just bought a copy of The Happy Herbivore last week - even if you're not vegan or vegetarian it's an excellent cookbook if you're looking to eat less meat - or if you just enjoy playing with your food. What's making me so happy about it is you can make the recipes with stuff you have in your kitchen or  can be easily  purchased.  And the recipes don't have a lot of ingredients or steps (I've had vegan cookbooks that should have included Nap Time  their concoctions had so many steps!). If you want to get an idea of what The Herbivore is about here's the website -

 Anyhow, the only two things I couldn't find at Weis's would be nutritional yeast (used for flavoring) and vital wheat gluten - that you can find at any organic food store. Except for  Organic Foods Warehouse - I have no idea why I enjoy disappointing myself  but like rain showers in April it's bound to happen so why fight it.  So I went in with my little list of about 4 items, got shot down on each one, declined leaving my name and number in case they accidentally tripped over something vegan and they would call me - I hopped back in my car and  drove down to Earthlight where I got all the stuff I needed plus a boffo walnut and date bar. My one true is issue with natural food stores and organic stores is the cost - there is no way I could afford to shop there exclusively if I wanted to. Everything is triple or more in price so I just tend to buy the items I can't find anywhere else - which is very few at this point, most grocery carry vegan and vegetarian products - and it's a shame because I would love to support more of the independent stores. Why they have to be so overpriced is beyond me, I shop the Asian grocery places which are just as small and specialized, but they tend to be cheaper than the larger stores, not more expensive. And given the line on Saturdays they're not hurting for customers. But what ever. Off I went to other stores, Borders to get a client a birthday present, AC Moore's for some odds and ends, Dad and Maryann's birthday cards and gifts, my foot was starting to give out so back home I went. The roads are a super mess, rain, ice, salt, dirt, eww.  Though we're moving through February winter is forever at this point, isn't it? I was sick on Friday - 1st 24 hour bug of the season - no fun at all. Achy burning, sleeping yucky day. Vincent took advantage but he's a cat and does things like that - he was snuggled up all day. He's been pretty friendly since the temperature dropped. I guess he's the opposite of a fair weather friend!


Donna said...

I'm going to save that site; we love bean dishes, and bean-and-rice ones. Lentils, chickpeas... we love that type of cooking! I perfected squash soup year before last when butternut squash plants took over half my garden. Thanks for the link!

Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

thanks for recommending my book -- I hope you enjoy it. BTW, you can get nutritional yeast at vitamin shop and gnc :-) they are usually somewhere near a weis.