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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bragging Rights

 We are so proud of Jackson - he made rank and is now an E4. It's a big deal, trust me. He's getting ready to head off to parts unknown - he'll be in boot camp for awhile and then off he goes. It's so strange when they come home now, since we don't see either of the boys much they seem to change instantly - and then not at all. David has been busy doing all sorts of things lately, he is going to Ray's one weekend or next to work on his stuff with him and then we have other pots boiling. Of course. I continue on with the blue sweater I'm knitting - I haven't been taking pictures of it because it's Navy Blue (of course!!) and it's hard to get the pattern to show up. It just looks blue and blobish. We're doing NOTHING next weekend at all - this past weekend was the Bayada  Weekend which was fun but overwhelming. It  was in Philly this year so I drove out early, got in my room and then ran all day from luncheon to ceremony to dinner to dancing. A manager from the other office was there so we were drinking most of the night - then you remember the hangover part and that is Not So Fun. I drove back Sunday morning as we had stuff to do - but I'm tired. I need a weekend of just nothingness and hanging out. So this weekend the doors are shut and the shades are pulled. Down tight.

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Donna said...

I recall how proud I was of our son when he graduated basic training.