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Sunday, May 29, 2011


 I am sticking to my game plan of doing pretty much nothing this weekend -well,  I did do some stuff of course. Try as I might I do need to shower and eat - and I did clean the entire house from one end to the   other. David had left on Thursday back to WV to get some more stuff done, having  the two houses has gotten a bit difficult - the grass tends to grow whether we are there or not we've noticed. David also installed a white vinyl fence - he is a huge Craig's List watcher and manages to get some real bargains. The fencing he bought is very expensive new but used he got it for less than a third of the price, he met the guy in Washington and brought it back - once he gets it fully installed it's maintenance free. So I had some time to myself on Friday and Saturday - aside from the above mentioned cleaning I mainly read, knitted and watched TV. Hung out with Crybaby Pearl who seems to think I have nothing better to do than sit in the yard and watch her perform Squirrel Patrol. I didn't mind it, except for the mosquitoes and so forth - they are fierce and I am allergic, so now I'm all full of bug bites.  So now I'm old and lumpy, but my eyes are not pink so that's a bit of improvement. I'm currently watching Lion heart, an old Jean Claude Van Damme movie - most of his movies tended to have fighting scenes mixed in with amazingly lame excuses for him to run around in his underpants. Why the excuses? If I was a guy built like that all I would wear would be underpants, but that's me. I am almost done with the front half of the sweater I'm making, then the sleeves and then I'm done. I have a bit of a quandary for the next project - I bought lace yarn I love but it's only 450 yds a skein - I have two skeins for a total of 900 yards. Most shawls knitted in the round are 1200 to 1400 yards so if I want to make that my next project, I need at least one more skein. The yarn I love is $24 a skein. I have two skeins so I''m already $50 into a shawl I don't have enough yarn to make. So I am wondering if it's worth the Wrath Of The Yarn Hater if I sneak out and buy one more skein. Hmm. A conundrum. Hmm. Just putting it out there. The alternative would be to find a project that uses 900 yards of lace weight yarn and not buy anymore yarn. Hmm. That would not be my favorite choice.

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