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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Spy With My Pink Eye

 Finally - Friday! It's been an interesting week, hasn't it? I started off stressed and worked my way down. I ended up  with a lovely case of pink eye early in the week too!  - I awoke with my lashes stuck together, itchy grainy snarky!- so I was out one day to get the antibiotic eye drops started so I wouldn't be passing along my new gift. Pink eye is one of the most annoying maladies, you spend all of your free time feeling like a four year old  with everyone reminding you to STOP TOUCHING IT. I declared several times that I had not touched it but apparently that was maybe not true. And all you want to do is touch it, give it one good hard rub, just enough to make it stop itching but you can't so you put your hands down and ...........well, you'd better go wash your hands again you are so immature! That was pretty much my whole day. But 24 hours on the eye drops and I was back in business. The weather has gotten pretty hot and sticky - with thunderstorms to go along with it of course. Last night we had a tornado alert and there was a brief period during the evening when I thought they might actually be serious. The wind took it to new heights and I was frantically trying to think of what people are always desrcibing -  a freight train? Shaking walls? I couldn't google it because the electric kept going off and on - so I figured in the event there was a tornado I would be on my own to identify it. It came to nothing - no flying cows, no munchkins, no winged monkeys. Just my annoying whining dog. As for the weekend I am doing - as promised - nothing. Maybe a little shopping, maybe not. We'll see. Jackson had his frocking ceremony and officially became a 3rd class petty officer today at 1pm California time - we are still pretty proud of him.  I'm hoping this weekend will have at least slightly decent weather, I'm also staying home because apparently this area gets the overflow of the horrible rude New Yorkers on vacation - and they are out in force!

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Sinéad said...

Yuck, I hate pink eye. I'm the same as you, I just want to give it a really hard rub to make it stop itching!
Congratulations to Jackson!