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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Sound Of SIlence

 David and Jackson had made plans to go out to NJ to visit our friend Ray - we are only an hour and a half from him so it's not a bad ride. I didn't go because it would be too long of a day for the dog and I didn't want them to have to hurry back - and quite frankly, I had stuff to do - cleaning stuff. I don't know about you but when I want to really clean I cannot do it with someone else in the house. It's just too distracting and I start off trying to clean the bathroom and the next thing I know I'm at the bookstore. Go figure. So they set out in my car about 7 am so they could have breakfast and hang out. They got home a few minutes ago and had a great time, I'm glad Ray got a chance to see Jackson before he heads back. They went to Ray's house, did breakfast and early dinner out and went to the park with Ray. As for me I CLEANED, I scrubbed the bathrooms, emptied out the fireplace, did the wash, washed up the dishes, vacuumed, mopped,dusted took out the garbage, sorted out my books (again),cleared off the counters and the tables and washed them all down. I took a million breaks playing Zuma Blitz (I confess - I am totally addicted!) and went outside with Pearl so she could do the Daily Squirrel and Chipmunk Patrol while I read my ereader - for my birthday I got the entire collection of the Sookie Stackhouse series which I'm super enjoying.. In other news Jackson finished up his antibiotics today, taking the very last one when he got home, I know he's glad to be done with that! Claw seems to be recovering from her injury - she fell off the table a few days ago - she wasn't supposed to be up there in the first place but she glossed over that - and really hurt her back leg, limping and all. This becomes a major issue as the only time we've ever managed to get her to the vet was when she was so bad off she was totally incapacitated - and unable to slash vital organs out of our bodies while we loaded her into a cat carrier. Unfortunately it was her BACK leg that was injured, there was nothing wrong with both of her front legs - so we decided to wait til morning. She was able to put weight on it - even looking at it brought on a fit of hissing, swiping and spitting so it was a true once over! - and it's improved over the past few days, disaster averted. Jackson enjoys her and her random hissing - he was standing in the living room and Claw sauntered by, stopped and looked at him, then hissed, flipped her tail and continued on. It's fun to be Claw I suppose.

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