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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home For Awhile

Jackson had a wonderful time at Janet and Diane's - AND they gave him a Kindle to take to Afghanistan, lucky boy that he is. He's still recovering from his Strep/Tonsillitis Fiasco, he's got a few more days of antibiotics to go but he's over the worst of it. We didn't do too much on Monday - we took him out to the Chinese buffet and then watched a B-movie at home, my version of The Perfect Evening. Tuesday we went to the mall, stopped home and then went to the little theater down the road. I actually wanted to go to the Regal which is super huge but they were only playing kid movies and a garden variety of crappy stuff. The little movie theater was playing Hanna - ONLY at 4:45 but whatever. Watching a thriller at 5 pm on a Tuesday, well, let's just say you don't need to fight the crowd. We sat and munched on our popcorn for a couple of minutes and then I yelled to the projectionist "you can start the movie now, we're here!" - and he did indeed start the movie for me and Jackson.  Nerdiness has it's privileges. I had to work Wednesday and Thursday but as luck would have it, David got rained out on Wednesday and had a dentist appointment at 1 today so they got to spend some time together. I took half a day tomorrow and I think they are going to see Ray this weekend. I am taking off Thursday next week and I'm pretty sure Jackson's looking forward to just hanging out before heading back to California and then overseas. David and I are busy - he's making plans to go back to WV to mess with the house, right now friends will be taking care of the lawn mowing and so forth until he gets down there again.  I have to say I've only been 50 for a week, but so far so good -actually it's been pretty great!

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