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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes, Commodes And Other Items Of Interest.

 Today at work we had an earthquake! It was actually tremors but since I've never been in an earthquake I fully intend to take credit for the event. However, to put the Dreadful Event in perspectiveI have to admit I didn't even get off the phone -   since the other manager decided to take a vacation day I was left to man the phone calls and hunt stuff down, earthquake or no earthquake.  I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment - it will settle down after I get a real schedule going and meet all the patients. The hard part of being a manager in private duty is you have introduce yourself to all sorts of families - all with a common goal of taking care of someone that cannot take care of themselves. I'll survive of course. Last night we went to a  benefit for foster kids and it was great. I won a Christmas prize which I will picture at some point - but it was just fun hanging out with the office. It doesn't feel like I'd been gone for almost 3 years, things are pretty status quo. Jackson is doing well and sounds great - that's all I'm allowed to say and got a talking to about posting things. I'm being careful as I don't want to land in the "unfriend" pile again!  I have yet another busy day tomorrow - I'm going to working with vents this week and of course Weight Watchers tomorrow. Last weigh in I didn't lose anything, but I didn't GAIN anything either and given I'd gone to a couple of BBQ's in a row it probably wasn't a bad thing. I have the sweater  edges pinned and waiting to be finished - I should do some tonight and a little each night. David will be back on his job next week I think - he's been working on our bathroom too of course, he replaced the toilet this week - or as it's called here, the commode. David kept going on how there was something wrong with the toilet /commode - it was the same thing that's wrong with us - it was old! It used about 15 gallons every time you flushed it and since were used to the low flush and "green" toilets it was a rather lazy trip downstream.  So to speak. So that's been the past two days - we are already plotting the weekend - we have a ton of stuff to do already and it's only Tuesday!

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