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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The World Is Going Well At The Moment

 I am finally almost finished with the sweater - but the last sleeve has been dragging along. I make myself do a few rows each night hoping to be done with it - it's just taking too long and I keep casting my roving eye in other directions. But I refuse to start a new project as I know it will just linger, making me feel guilty every time I come across it. This weekend was great - David and I did some fun shopping Saturday morning with a lot of browsing involved. I bought an outfit with two skirts for the fall that are a bit stretchy on clearance so I'll have a couple more outfits that I can wear while I (hopefully!!) continue losing weight and that will fit after I'm done. I have my weigh in tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed! Tommy came up from Fairmont on Saturday evening, he brought the wine and we provided the pizza - we ate outside because the weather has cooled and gotten wonderful. Sunday Robin and Jim from next door came over to our house for a BBQ, they brought sangria and stuffed peppers, we did the rest. They brought Gabe who is Pearl's favorite neighbor dog with them and tried to make Max who is no one's favorite neighbor dog stay home but he came anyhow.  We got rained out but we were done eating so we just moved to our front porch which is uber comfortable and has swanky wicker furniture we bought off of someone else for $50. It originally included a beautiful arrangement of fake flowers but I threw them out when David wasn't looking.  Work has been going well too - we did a lot of driving today to do an admit but it was fun and we spent part of the ride laughing over some of the funny things that had happened when I worked at Interim previously. David continues to hurry working on the master bedroom upstairs - fall is coming fast and so is hunting season!

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Donna said...

You make me laugh out loud. You also impress me with the fact you can knit a WHOLE SWEATER!

You go, girl.