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Friday, August 26, 2011

I Spy With My Great Eye

 David always has a neighbor to spy on - when we lived in Maidsville we had the Deck People. When we moved there it was just a single-wide trailer - but they went to work on improvements. First they added a peaked roof, an addition, siding, an above ground pool and then the piec`e de resistance - the biggest wrap around deck you'd ever seen in your life. It was HUGE - and they both changed into snappy black stretchy bathing suits and that was their life. They hung wash, talked on the phone, mowed the lawn and bobbed around the pool in their stretchy suits, by the end of the summer they were so tan they looked like wrapped kidney beans with legs. And I received constant reports from David and Jackson as to the latest activity of The Deck People.  It was endlessly fascinating and even I found myself peering at them. Now we have the RV people that we pass daily - they seem to occupy two old, leaning houses with a large assortment of dogs, cats, cars, relatives, RVs, stuff as far as the eye can see - the overflow is housed in an old RV, with blankets for curtains and fans Galore. It's hard not to slow down and ogle, you just can't take it in in one pass, can you? If no one is outside I slow down and get an eye full, if someone is outside I pretend I don't notice them as staring is not polite. It's not easy being a good neighbor. If the hurricane came through here it might help them with the yard, don't you think? But it won't. I know it won't because we were mulling over whether a hurricane had ever blown through WV - and I said I would ask Susan because she's from Mannington.  And people from Mannington know everything - so Susan said no and we can all sleep tonight. David and I have stuff to do this weekend, I have the sweater all pinned together and ready to go - I had to re-pin it the other night but hopefully will get it stitched and the collar done. It seems to be taking forever! As you can see from the picture I've started back skipping around the graveyards - what fun is that! We have heard from Jackson a couple of times, he sounds well and excited, very much ready for this big adventure. That sounds odd doesn't it? After all he is overseas in a war zone, but that's the way kids are. We see the danger, they see the excitement of it all. Oh well, they do what they do, don't they? We just sit back and hope they do it safely and come back to us in one piece.

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