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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Wanna Be Your Ghoul-friend

David has taken to not making eye contact with me when we go past graveyards - he can see me pressing my nose against the window and squirming in my seat but drives on. He claims we'll never get anywhere if I have to skipping down Burial Drive every time we leave the house.  But it's not like I insist on stopping at every graveyard I see, I am picky about my bone yards - there has to be something to catch my eye or be weird of course, but I have plenty of time and on occasion The Yarn And Grave Hater will accede to stopping so I can snap a few pictures of my favorite subject. I haven't made a visit to the Reverend John Corbly yet - I was going to try today but the rain is pouring down and I'm stuck on the front porch. And yes we do have a real front porch with furniture  and All Weather Carpet. Pearl is currently hiding behind the little wicker couch as there is lightening on occasion and she prefers I be in the line of fire which will give her a chance to find a better spot to hide. She's sort of like Lassie's evil twin - if she was a person she would be called a jerk but we are what we are. I had my first week of work, a bit overwhelming but do-able. My patient population here will be more high tech including  vents, trachs, and other assorted things so there's a lot of learning to be done plus authorization and meeting the families and clients that will be mine in a few weeks. I have not touched a trach in about 10 years and I've never done a vent so I'm a bit freaked out but will get over it, I'm supposed to work a couple shifts with someone and after I get comfortable I'll be fine. It's just when you start doing anything you're all thumbs for awhile - even doing the admissions this week you'd swear I'd been working in Wal-Mart the way I've been acting. But I tend to hang back and observe - then do it myself, then I'm fine. The other issue for us  is David and I both went back to work and with the longer drives there is no time for anything. We ran out of bread, fruit, milk, etc during the week which led to a bit of  You Get It, No YOU Get It, etc. I ended being the chosen one but not a happy chosen one. I get home first so I'm hit with a wall of Hysterical Animals who have been in all day lying on the couch with nothing to do. They all have to pee, need to be fed and are dancing racing howling things. It got better at the end of the week but the first couple of weeks when we are rearranging our schedules is the hardest. I'm waiting for the David to get back from the dump and then we have a ton of stuff to do including a bank run as I actually have a total of 74 cents left in my wallet.  I think we invited the neighbors over for dinner tomorrow, I'll have to go over later and ask - David did ask but can't remember what they said so if not this week, next will be fine too. I'm almost done with the second sleeve of the sweater I've been knitting Forever and a Day - the upside is I've done the pattern so long I don't  have to think about it but the downside is I've done the pattern so long it is B-O-R-I-N-G.  I am continuing with Weight Watchers, my weight loss of course has slowed down but as long as it continues I'm happy. I have to 2/10th's of a pound to have a 10 pound weight loss, I like the way they break it up so it's not overwhelming or feel like you can't do it. I did my 5% weight loss, now I'm working on my 10% so it's a bit at a time, not this big, huge undo able number.

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Sinéad said...

I love your pictures! I can't say I visit a lot of graveyards, but when I do I really enjoy reading the headstone inscriptions and finding out the history of the town. You can tell a lot about a place from the graveyard!
Glad to hear you're settling in ok. You'll be fine once you get the hang of your new patients.