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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plots And Plans

I love LOVE graveyards - the more remote, the older, the more Gothic I'm there! I feel about headstones, crypts and mausoleums the same way some would view the Louvre or the Mona Lisa. The thought and care that was put into the construction and the amazing artwork leaves  me wandering amongst the dead in open admiration. I stopped at a  mausoleum, it's a place where there are no markers, just flat little names on stone. In order to dress it up they stick fake bunches of flowers in plastic cones all over which makes it look a bit like Tacky Land but that would be one woman's opinion. There was a big structure in the middle which I assume houses the Hoity Toity Bunch - it was super pretty. I parked behind it and tried the door - score! - it was open. It had a pink puffy couch in one corner, some pew like seating and pulpit. I considered having my lunch there instead of in my car (I was out seeing patients) but I think the people in the office were peeking at me. I had a 50/50  chance of being able to eat in peace and I did have a back up plan that if someone came to see what I was doing I would kick my lunch under the couch and look all pious and stuff. I would have to pick and memorize a name on the Wall Of Our Dearly Departed so  I could pretend to be grieving or something but then that would most likely be going to far so I just did a little bit more of peeking about and off I went. To Work. Did too. Yes I did. Shut up. I saw a couple more patients and then had a little time before the next one and I found another graveyard - with three crypts all in a row. One had a broken door that looked like you could push it open....... BONUS!! Oh yes I did - are you kidding?? When opportunity knocks, well you should open the door. And I super did! It was just like I thought it would be but fancier. All the coffin shelves where made of marble and the entire interior was lined in white marble too. There were no coffins by the way, I have no idea - maybe they didn't pay their rent or moved on to a fancier piece of real estate. And that got me to wondering - if I bought a grave plot right now, would it be mine to use until I passed on to that Great Yarn Shop In The Sky? Could I eat my lunch there? Read? Take a nap or better yet - camp for the weekend? Would I just own the top or would I get to utilize all the way down six feet? Would I have to put my gravestone up - I would rather have something cheerier before the Big Event. And since I'm planning on being cremated could I sublet it? If I built a crypt of my own with little windows it would be a great place to get away from it and since most crypts have little air holes it would be perfect. And I have no idea why they have little air holes but I'm sure there's a good reason. ZOMBIES!

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