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Monday, September 10, 2012

West Virginia Fiber Festival.

 We went to the West Virginia Fiber Festival on Sunday - Saturday it rained like no body's business so there was a delay. It was held in Reedsville WV which is about 40 miles from where all the popular people live, but it was a beautiful day and perfect for a drive through rural WV. It was a very very teeny sort of fair and the yarn was all very handmade. Not that  it's a bad thing but the sock yarn I was thinking of buying was a bit  scratchy feeling and if it's a bit scratchy when it's in my hand - it's going to be very uncomfortable once your feet get a little warm and sweaty. So no. A lot of it was just too thick and bumpy - my sweater making skills are marginal at best and that yarn was just screaming Quasimodo for any future recipient. The only yarn I did see was a beautiful rich scarlet alpaca - $23 a skein and barely enough for one sock. I understand it was a blue ribbon winner but no one's going to care what I have going on under my boots. So I bought a key chain and a tee-shirt, if you can't buy yarn you can buy something that states you were near yarn. It's like standing next to Madonna - it's not as good as BEING Madonna but it will do. So we headed back home so I could return to Lording Over The Watermelons, did I tell you I counted thirty six? All mine. Most are very tiny, actually so far I have produced one edible and two with the potential to be eaten. The deer completely finished vandalizing the corn stalks and someone else ate what little wax beans I was able to produce. The sunflowers are going to seed - I grab a handful when I'm outside and parading around my rows. In other news I am finally done with the 5th repeat of chart #1 - I thought that would never happen. Now I am on to chart #2 and I'm a little nervous about it - what if I screw up chart #2? What if I never get to see chart #3? What if I repeated chart #1 FOR NOTHING? Well, quite frankly I just might drop dead. I might. I could. Could too. Shut up. So tonight I am doing the last purl row and will start chart #2.  Cross your fingers.

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