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Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Bullet Was Dodged This Week.

 Well, that was a bit of a surprise. Since I've been the Medical Near Miss for years I went into my repeat appointment at the eye doctor's expecting the usual that I don't have it. Surprise! I do indeed at the grand age of 51 have glaucoma. Both eyes. Yay me. Not so bad though - because it was caught so early there is absolutely no damage to either eye.  It's actually so much a non-issue at this point they're not even going to start treatments. I just have to go see Dr. Fenghali every 3 months for now and then less then that depending on how it goes. A friend of mine told me she was diagnosed almost 25 years ago and she still has no treatments. So - it's a good argument against buying cheater eyeglasses at the drugstore, isn't it? In other news I think the zucchini has slowed down - the neighbor took ONE and that was only after I bellowed over the property line GOOD NEIGHBORS EAT ZUCCHINI. The watermelon patch will be the next produce explosion - i live in fear and will leave it at that. I did get one good sized one so far and it went to the neighbor that is always giving me truckloads just to prove I  Can Too. I also sent over the stripy thing I grew but I don't know what it is. My neighbor Jim asked how I tell when the watermelons are ripe - I told him I give them to the neighbors and let them deal with it. He laughed and then refused anymore produce. The sunflowers are another issue entirely - they're huge hulking things and have approached nightmarish proportions. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them. At all. Any advice would be appreciated. This gardening is an awful dicey endeavor, isn't it? I put a picture up of Vincent - he gained back most of the weight and is back to stalking around the yard and mixing it up with the cats next door. The spider  was over the door and I was growing it to epic proportions but David smacked it with a shovel and said cut it out. He feels it would just end up badly on my end eventually - and the skunk was back too. You would think I would stay in more, wouldn't you?

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