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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I love a (Wo)men in uniform.

I had my first day at my new job, it always feels like the first day at a new school doesn't it? Should I wear shoes? sneakers? Jeans? What if I show up in jeans and everyone else is wearing dressy clothes? Should I bring or buy? The lunch question was solved by my bringing it and leaving it in the car - that way I could just retrieve it if it was Situation. I did  end up getting it out of the car, they gave us lunch but it was roast beef. And they spooned gravy all over it so there was little escape. I ate the cabbagie part and a little of the potato pancake that wasn't infested with liquidated corpse juice but couldn't eat more than that. And since I had made myself a super swanky salad with feta cheese and olives scampered out to the car to get it.  The orientation was like all others,  a little uncomfortable because I don't know these people - but exciting too. I will be back on the floor after 3 years of management which I'm looking forward to. I am tired of the stress, the problems, the having to get cases and then tell people we don't have staff, have staff and no cases to send them to. I just don't have the nerves for it anymore. And I'm not saying never again, this company I've joined there's room to advance if you want to - or you can go to another building.  Tomorrow we have to wear our scrubs so when I got home I pulled out a week's worth - I had given a lot away but kept all my super favorites. I pulled down the ironing board and started in - it was a reflex ironing out a week's worth, hanging pants, jacket and top together so in the morning I just grab and run.  This week it's all 7 - 3, next week 3 - 11, then 11 - 7, then California, then on my regular shift. I will  be working every Friday and Saturday, but will be off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Since David is self-employed that's not an issue for me to be off during the week as opposed to the weekend. I continue to knit on my shawl, I did end up buying yarn this weekend but just two little skeins of sock yarn. I had picked out a camo that looked very interesting - until I got up to the cash registered and found it was $27, not $12 - Yikes! Back it went. On my next day off I'm organizing my books and needles, maybe cleaning out the fridge. I am trying to do at least one major thing a week. I have not attempted to do any window cleaning since that little incident I had pancaking off a table that sent me to the ER. Do you know I still have a pretty dark scar on the front of my leg from that? But it's not dented anymore so I don't worry about it. Life is too short and I'm sure there are more tables to fall off in my future.

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