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Monday, February 4, 2013

Winding Down

I'll be back to work on Wednesday - I wanted to take time to get organized, get some things done. I did get some things done - organized? Hmm. WELL, I did organize my yarn this morning. The yarn hater stayed downstairs because his opinions and comments are not appreciated, including suggestion of therapy needs and a possible shot at Hoarders. I bought some more Space Bags, not because they work as Seen On TV, but because they're big and work well with yarn.  You can really squash a lot into them.I am not putting a picture of my stash up either, the last time I did that it took everyone months to get over it, including a very jealous yarn community. I got comments from people I didn't even know for months!!  I separated everything by weight and type. I was surprised to see how much baby yarn I have - I'm not overly fond of them ( I don't hate them but I don't go looking for them either)( I probably shouldn't even say that, there are some babies I'm very fond of and have made them things)(But not enough to justify that giant bag) and I don't even know that many. I was not surprised to see how much sock yarn I have or lace weight. I also had a fair amount of bulky weight - I have some lovely chenille that would make a great blanket. I am donating about a garbage bag full, it's yarns that were either given to me or yarn that looked like a good idea but is really not. I have one type that's string with bits of fluff tied every inch. I have no idea what project I thought I would be able to use if for, but I've dragged half a dozen skeins through ALL of our moves and have yet to put needle to yarn. I vaguely remember trying to knit with it but it being very aggravating - it just looked like a tangle of string with a bunch of yellowy-green lint scattered. I have no idea either. It's hard giving it away - a true knitter rarely gives anything away,we squirrel every hank of yarn, every needle like a yarn free Holocaust is coming our way. It's true - the next time you go to a second hand bookstore or a thrift store - look around. Oh I'm not saying you won't ever find a knitting related item - you will. You'll either find a tiny pile of crap - plastic needles, novelty yarn, books from 1989 featuring sweaters with dolmen sleeves knitted out of florescent acrylic yarn or truly frightening crocheted clown dolls. And it was only given away because of lack of space I'll bet. Once in awhile you'll hit the mother lode - a knitter has passed on to that great alpaca farm in the sky and some well meaning relative - or a yarn hater - had done a clean sweep. Usually this doesn't even happen because the second one knitter is offered to "look through and see if there's anything you want" - we take it all. Every last needle and stitch marker is added to our dragon hoard of yarn with the lucky recipient gloating for weeks since it was free. I have slowed down a great deal, I'm out of room for needles, yarn, books, bags and accessories - I can't even justify that much more. But since tomorrow is my last day off for awhile, what better way to celebrate but a yarn trip?

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