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Sunday, February 10, 2013

This. and That.

 The shawl is coming along quickly, I am already on Chart D - that's why I love this pattern because it's complicated enough to look beautiful, but simple enough to do while you watch TV. My hand is healing up nicely. Oh, did I forget to mention that? No pictures please. I was out a couple of nights ago without a flashlight and one of the leashed dogs got tangled around a tree. Too late in the dark did I realized it was tree of thorns, and big ones at that. My hand is healing now  but one of the sites is infected OF COURSE but  not too bad. I am sort in between insurances - I have the conversion for the Blue Cross and it's retro-active which is good enough for now. It's hard because we're only talking four weeks. The job is a big change - I did  part of a med pass yesterday and because it's a nursing home/rehab facility everyone is on a boatload and there's 30 patients to give meds, breathing treatments, etc to. Crazy! I'm getting used to my new co-workers, jury is still out on that one. Not that they're not nice, they are - but not completely sure if I'll fit in there. I wanted to get out of management but after ten years in home care, this a big 360 for me. For the next month I'll be rotating shifts - I did days this week, afternoons next week, nights after that and then back on days for a week. They orientate you to all shifts which is nice, that way you get an idea of what goes on in case you end up on that shift plus you get to meet all your co-workers. And of course the change in schedule. I missed John's birthday party this weekend and David went by himself, he said it was fun and if he ever decides to buy a hay baler he has all the information on that subject he will ever need because someone was getting a new hay baler and it was the big topic. Hazel was nice and sent a piece of cake over which was super nice. The upside of this is I have Monday and Tuesday off and I always love having days off during the week. We are signing with Howard Hanna tomorrow, David has decided to put the house on the market for a couple of months to see how it does, but no more than that. If it's doesn't sell, it will be rented with the option to buy. We are done with the Disgruntled Relatives - honestly two words - GROW UP. David continues to finish up the house, his nickname was Heloise around here because he always has some cleaning shortcut he's thought up or found in some obscure place. David cleaned all the fan lights that were covered with nicotine, I was pretty sure that was what was making the house smell faintly. There are about 6 fans with four lights - he brought them home in a clean garbage can. I was how are we doing to clean all of these - he thought of something I never would have. He ran them all through the dishwasher! They came out as clean as the day they came out of the box - Heloise strikes again.

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