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Friday, February 1, 2013

What Goes Up, Must Come Down.........

..........and that includes the temperatures. We had two spectacular, crazy warm days, the second day actually hit 69 degrees! In January! But alas, like a good party it had to end. And ended big time f course. The thermometer plummeted, the snow fell, the ice firmed up. Molly had a little hesitation but then developed snow fever and they happily fly around the yard chasing each other and stalking field mice. They have boundless energy, this morning they were using the couch as a launch pad - Molly did a bank shot off, went flying and landed on top of Reuben  slinging them both under the coffee table. - thank goodness they're hardy creatures! We are enjoying them immensely as you might think. They're well matched in both temperament and energy levels - I still can't get over how perfect she is for our house. It's like she's always been here. I took off a few days between jobs so I've just been doing some cleaning and hanging out, David and I took a day to go shopping the other day. I had a gift certificate left over from Christmas so we went to the mall in Washington, I got my haircut, we had breakfast out and just shopped. It's not as much  fun since my favorite yarn shop closed, there is a new one that I've been to - Kid Ewe Knot - but it's a bit further and there was nothing I needed so we didn't go. Yesterday I stayed home all day. I was going to go out, but there was not I needed and we need to get out of the habit of shopping just to go shopping. David continues to work on the Bruceton Mills house, I think he's leaning more towards selling it than renting - that's been an ongoing discussion as the big issue is it's 40 miles from us so it would be difficult to keep an eye on it. David is mulling over just selling it and buying another closer to us to try t do a rental. I'll be glad when it swings one way or the other - tired of being house poor! I started the shawl the other day and I'm doing the Girosole shawl again, but in a lighter weight yarn in grey. I paged through all the patterns I have but I wanted something no overly hard as I'll be taking it with me on my trip to California so I needed something that wouldn't be screwed up if it didn't have my full attention. I'll be on my rosewood circulars by the time I'm ready to go on vacation so it won't be an issue flying with them. I've never had them taken for security reasons but I'm not taking any chances. It used to make me mad they would take your needles but not pencils and pens which if you think about it, can do the same amount of damage.

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