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Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like, Well, Rain Quite Frankly.

There is nothing nice about rain in December - oh I know I know! But if I hear one more time "At least it's not snow" I'll shriek! We HAD snow last week so now the ground has defrosted and it's raining on top of that gooey mess. I've been goofing off in the woods with the hooligans continuing in path clearing ,but it's slow going and wet to boot. Molly hurt her front leg this morning, she and Boo were running full tilt, she wasn't watching where she was going and slammed into the Rose Of Sharon. I have to admit she's come a long way though - instead of freaking out and not letting us near her, she stood on 3 legs and bawled loud enough to wake the dead.  Typical injury for this breed of dog, their long, skinny legs are prone to sprains - David escorted Boobins back in the house while I calmed Molly down and got her walking. She's fine, a little sore but nothing a couple of biscuits didn't fix. I'll keep her quiet for the rest of the day and she'll be fine.  I went to party for my knitting group last week, that was fun and we did more eating than knitting. Trying to behave food wise is near to impossible this time of year, but if I can just hold back the tide and then go full tilt in January I'll be more than happy. My group will not be meeting again until January 7th as both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve fall on Tuesdays. I'm on call for both of them plus the actual holiday so it's easier that way anyhow. I went out today to do some grocery shopping and a little holiday shopping - I did a little and came back home. I stopped at Old Navy and their computers were misbehaving so the line quickly backed up and it was not a very Christmassy atmosphere I might add. I got Jackson and Brandi's gift in the mail stopping at Star City and then back home to the sogginess we call home. I bought a very wee little turkey and a tofurkey for me while I was out, we will do the actual holiday when Jackson and Brandi get here. As we get older Christmas gets quieter and quieter, the decorations fewer, not much not much. I miss the Christmas of the past of course, when the kids were little and excitement level was high, the big breakfast you couldn't eat because of the candy you couldn't wait for, everyone busy exploring their new stuff.  Now it's just a quiet day for some reason.

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