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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some Days Are Better Than Others.

I'm never completely happy, I suppose very few people are - but the past few days have been very nice. That's not to say things are going entirely smoothly, they are not. But for the most part we've managed to muddle through in an acceptable way. David has been squirrelling around with the insurance on the foreclosures, he sent in the last of the information required and checked online his insurance account with Liberty Mutual. Imagine his surprise to find the insurance had been cancelled in November despite his getting emails requesting more information. When he called he was told they did not cover vacant houses even if they're in the process of being renovated, that he's there every day and he was very clear on why he owns them in the first place. They do cover second - and third homes if they're vacation homes - even if they're only occupied a couple weeks a year. When he asked why they'd insured the Bruceton Mills house and not these, they had no answer. Ditto on why no one had bothered to call to let him know there was a problem.  He had a couple sleepless nights - two houses completely uninsured with no letter letting you know will do that - but he's gotten it straightened out. My diet is going pretty good, but it's a little rough going. I still have not been able to do any dairy, after seeing Vegedcated, every time I think about it all I can see is that man shocking that poor pig that he called over to him, and while the pig is still twitching and immobilized dragging it over to the vat of scalding water and pushing it in - alive. Bacon, any one? I know not every farm animal is killed like that but the association is still killing me. Hopefully it will pass enough to allow  a little bit of cheese but in the meantime I've restocked on my vegan go to's and there is no suffering the house of Julia tonight. I had my 30,000 mile tune up today - the oil light came on in my car a couple of days ago inspiring me to call Dave the Supervisor at Subaru. He had me check the oil and told me if there was none on the dipstick to add some. I inquired as to where I should do that and he said maybe I should just leave it alone if there was oil on the stick. Good call Dave, good call. The weather has been very cold, the other morning on the way to work I was sitting in traffic wondering why we were going so slow. From the other direction a small black SUV came careening,sliding across right in front of my car, plowed down the bank just missing the telephone pole, ping ponged back on the road taking out the front of the car behind me and careening BACK to the other lane right before slamming into the embankment - all I can say is lucky girl! She deployed every bag in the car but lived to tell about it. I made her sit, called 911 and waited until a family friend showed up but everyone was alright thank goodness. Today we got our Christmas shopping started, thought about putting up the decorations and took a nap instead, played with Mollyann and Boo - their names morph on occasion - and that was about it.

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