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Sunday, December 15, 2013

When The Wind Blows.

 The weather has been back and forth lately - this morning it was crappy, cold rain but really not too bad temperature wise. I had to drive over to Ruby to get some pediatric test tubes this morning - I could have done it tomorrow but that would have taken  more time out of my day so I did it this morning. I had to pick up a few things so I left early, David filled the van with junk from the foreclosure so he'd planned on taking my car. I got back in good time but he got out there and discovered he'd forgotten the key so he shopped for decoration and came home. In the meantime the temps dropped again and the roads are a bit of a mess.  As long as it's done by tomorrow morning whatever. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer yesterday - everyone aside from myself just loves to stick things in there willy nilly. It looked like a yard sale and I had  no idea what we had for food. So yesterday I took everything out, sorted, threw out the Meats Of Mystery - some so discolored by freezer burn they were orangish - and put it all back in order. The Hooligans stayed underfoot hoping I would drop it on the floor so they could snaffle it up ASAP which didn't happen. Today I made home made seiten which I do once in awhile and then started a new list as I'm almost out of vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, etc... I am NEVER buying any more grain products from that place in Kingwood - honestly. The flax meal was so infested it stuck together, I just pitched it and used the old stuff. Eww. I'm onto the next round of charts for the shawl I'm knitting but am dithering around about it. It's a bit more complicated than I had anticipated so I keep reading the directions and will start again once I'm sure of what I'm doing. I think to have to frog it would be difficult at best, impossible at worst. So I'm being very careful. I continue to work on the woods, I have my clippers and grab them every time I head out there with Frick and Frack. I clear paths while they sniff and bounce, snacking on deer poo and racing off when I yell at them to STOP IT NOW. We've had to worm them once already and they don't seem to care a bit. Molly actually loves the medications, I think she would have happily taken off with the syringe I dose her with to chew on at her leisure. The vet was not overly upset, he gave enough to dose them both once a month for the next 3 months. I'm going to move my garden this year too, it will be way closer to the house so I'll be starting on that soon. I take a shovel and turn the earth while I'm outside with the dogs, it gives me something to do besides sit on the couch and eat.

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