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Friday, July 2, 2004

Well, here it is!

Here's the picture of the house we have made a bid on and it's been accepted. The people buying our house have been kind enough to give us two extra weeks to va-moose which helps a great deal. The preliminary plan is  - I'll quit my job around the 25th, we  close on the house that week, quick drive up to Janet and Diane, release the Boy into thier custody, drive over to Pa and close on that house. We also have to get me a Pa nursing license, I have to find a job, Jackson needs a new orthodontist, we have to transfer his school stuff, do school shopping and the sundry job of moving all the pets and furniture. With the profit we make on this house, the lower cost of the new house, moving,etc we expect to pretty much break even. Of course, what we expect and what will actually happen are two different things as a general rule. We are still fooling with the septic system, that's turning into the never ending drama.

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