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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ack! Who Turned Off The Heat?

The weather has been cold, but not too bad - 30 and 40's for the most part. Yesterday it took a huge tumble into the low teens so everyone was complaining. And yes, everyone knows its going to happen, but we harbor this secret hope that this year it will stay cold but not freezing. The renter called when I got home last night, she had come home from work to no water. Well. That was not fun, David was on the phone for most of the evening, couldn't find a plumber, he can't really drive at night - the renter knew a plumber but she also was using a blow dryer on the pipes and they were indeed frozen. She finally got them moving, a big relief for us but we were a a little a disconcerted, we'd lived in that house for a year and had never had a problem. So David will be heading over there this morning before work and will wrap the pipes in heat tape. Everyone we talk to seems to just be waiting for the end of the year, lately it's been one stress after another - but I think around the holidays it always feels like that. I don't think that things tend to "happen" at the holidays but I they're just more noticeable. The holidays are supposed to be nonstop fun and photo opportunities so when life goes on and the pipes freeze, the bills come - it's a betrayal, not fair! Speaking of bills, David had a ventless gas heater installed yesterday as we got our first real electric bill - almost $600 for one month and it wasn't even cold. This house is all electric and he'd planned on having the furnace installed during the summer but the gas heater will help until then - they're also good if the electricity gets knocked out as we discovered in the Lake Ariel house. And my car. My car now has 208,000 miles and is starting to show it . When you get that high in mileage, it's a catch 22 because you can't really trade it in, you'll get nothing - but I don't want to put any more money in it. We're hoping it lasts til spring, the idea of car shopping this time of year? A little breezy I think!

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