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Sunday, December 6, 2009

It finally snowed yesterday - not a huge amount but enough to get the party started. David has a gift card rebate from Sears and was vacillating between a snow blower and a chainsaw. I'm voting for the snow blower. We went to the Bayada Christmas party in Pittston, that's a bit of a hike but we had a really good time. They hired an Elvis impostor and although that's not my cup of tea (ok!ok! I HATE Elvis, I think he's a moron. There I said it, I feel better) he was pretty true to his god. It was sort of funny, the party was a combination for the two offices and the East Stroudsburg office filled exactly one table. Hopefully we will be bigger next year. Everyone now knows I'm a vegetarian, although why anyone finds that interesting is beyond me - it's not a great accomplishment by any stretch of the imagination nor is it fun at times. And just for the record - after almost 20 years I still cannot bring myself to do it - I'm sure a large part of my aversion to meat is more psychological than anything else. Every time I consider it all I can see is tendons and bones, arteries and fat riddled muscle coated with clotted blood, cold and rotting corpses. And yes, if you disguised it well and I didn't know it was there I would eat it I suppose - but the same could be said of any substance - if you disguised cockroaches well enough people would eat them too. Or African Cave Spiders. I actually saw a clip once of people eating them on a reality show - no, you most likely couldn't pay me enough especially since they were not only live, but their twitching legs sticking out of some one's mouth is something I would have preferred not to have seen. Where was I? Anyhoo, in other news we finally got the other house rented so that's a relief. It won't save the farm but it will pay the taxes - the house is still for sale and the renter has first right of refusal in case we do sell it. I'm hoping I'm off for real today, we need to do some Christmas shopping and get cards out, and I need a little snow therapy!

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