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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The End Of The Year Is Coming Fast

I'm lifting my head and getting out of the house - when I can. It's been hard lately, the holidays are not easy as that is when everyone wants to be off and everyone in the hospital wants to be home - but after the New Year we'll be back to status quo. And of course there's that extra money - I ordered from Knit Picks this morning - whoo hoo, but I'm worth it! It's a new venture and there are bumps here and there - but we're moving ahead. David and I headed out to Bethlehem, Janet and Diane gave me a gift certificate for Wegmans - I know! I know! It's a supermarket but we LOVE Wegmans the way people love Versace - there's the cheese bar, the Foods Of Many Nations - where else can you shop for groceries and pass the sushi chefs?? After that we headed out to Barnes and Noble, I haven't been to a Barnes and Noble since we left WV. I browsed and found a book I'd been dying to read on clearance , we also found the mall - it was a relaxing fun day for once. The weather is beautiful today, in the 40's and sunny, the rain got rid of the snow and the ice. I was a little worried there - rain at this time of year is much worse than the snow if the temperatures drop, I'll take snow over ice any day of the week. I started a new project, yet another shawl, I'm sort of stuck on them for the moment but I think the next project will be a sweater. I'm making it out of that mercurnized cotton yarn from Chili, the green is a little bright but this time of year, I'll take the bright spots where I can get them.

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