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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Hostess Strikes Again

Pearl's greatest joy in life - well, aside from sneaky eating all the cat food - is Hostessing. From the moment guests arrive til it comes time for them to leave while fending off the Hostess - she puts her heart and soul into making sure everyone is properly cared for. She sits, snuggles, hops and nudges - it's quite fortunate she's rather cute and no one seems to mind. We enjoyed showing off the Cat Pee House and discovered the source of the Appearing and Disappearing Ooky Smell (the downstairs toilet needs a new wax ring). The weather wasn't great but we got a Christmas tree and did a little shopping, out to dinner was fun. They had a hard time getting home which stunk - it had started to rain as they left and from Reports From Connie, proceeded to get worse. The four hour ride became a nine hour one, sort of like what happened to Gilligan but not as exciting and no deserted island at the end. I called and tried hard not to call again - Mom finally called after 9 pm, tired and glad to be home. Off to work today, a Shining Example Of Why Welfare Is So Attractive Sometimes - I think the only people that didn't yell at me were god and John Wayne and that's only because one I strongly suspect doesn't exist and the other, well, he's dead. It was a forced march all day, one thing after another, on and on - one issue chasing the tail of another. Throughout it advice from the home office, some wanted, some not, as I get more independent I get more of an opinion. It may not be right, but it's mine. The other back and forth thing is I am not a big phone person. I am a big emailer and texter and do it all day, every day. I can do all three at once - I'm good. My office is constant with it, so I end up emailing the main office and then calling to let them know I emailed (because my staff emails, mine is up all day). Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day

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Anonymous said...

Pearl looks/poses in pictures so much like Gertie. Love it. Gertie likes company too, but she can get a little overwhelmed if they are loud. :)