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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hanging At The Cat Pee House.

A friend of ours had a local carver make this for us. When you buy a house from Remax or do business with them they give you a sign with a little carved bear. Because we did business and are now the proud owners of The Cat Pee House AND our friend is also our RE agent, we got a special sign and a cat instead of a bear. Vincent perceives it as a bit uppity but he's a cat and his opinion is not sought after. I've been having a hard time at work, which I'm sure everyone is aware of. If you're not then you can review my Whining and Carrying On section in facebook. Things are starting to look a little brighter, over the weekend I spoke with Kim( Queen of Moral Support and Trouble Shooting) first and Stephen second - Stephen deals with this stuff all the time so his opinion carries a bit more weight than Vincent's. He has a rather unique view and he said a few things, one in particular that stays with me daily - I won't be repeating it here but it certainly made me think and I view things in a completely different way now. All the stress isn't gone, but most of it I realize is simply due to the holidays and like everything related in the medical profession, the holidays are too long, too short staffed and the hospitals are frantically trying to discharge their patients to our already understaffed agencies. It's hard to say no - you know when you do someone isn't going home for Christmas. But it will all be over with in a week or so and then I have a Master Plan - I love master plans, don't you? The fun thing is you can have a Master Plan and then a back up plan - and then there's Plan B in case that doesn't pan out! David and I will be doing nothing for the holidays as far as I know, we'll celebrate later on after things quiet down. We spoke to Jackson, he's in WV visiting Becky and Adam will hopefully be up to see us in the beginning of January - then a few months of winter and BLAM it will be spring.

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