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Monday, January 31, 2011

I've Got My Tonic, Got My Gin - If It Snows I'm Stayin' In!

 The biggest problem with the snow here is not that it snows. It's that it never goes away. No melting or reducing just layer upon layer upon layer - deeper deeper deeper. The deck is piled up pretty good, someone asked if I was going to shovel it off - no. The house stood empty for 2 or 3 years before we got here and no one shoveled it off then, did they? Hopefully they will not be famous last words. They're predicting a massive storm starting tonight and ending Thursday morning - 6 to 18 inches, ice, sleet - the works. We shall see. I have a good stock pile of yarn just in case and I'll probably fill an extra bucket or two of water so we can at least wash up and flush the toilets. Everyone here is tired of the never ending forecasts, the red draping our area on the weather maps at all times. I'm tired of snow in my brace - why didn't the person who invented this thing think of a way to close the toe up?? I'm shaking snow out of it 14 times a day no matter how careful I am. I've been asked about 300 times if it's helping - it's only been on for 3  or 4 days so it's a bit early in the game to tell if it will help long term. It still hurts, but a little less. Even though it's a  clunky thing I can walk more than I've been able to in the past month and this morning, before I got up, it didn't hurt at all. Just for a minute - but it's funny how when it doesn't cause you pain that you realize how much it does bother you. I've gotten used to the constant pain, I anticipate it's going to hurt before I even move and brace myself for it - but it takes so much out of you, doesn't it? It's's just there and you learn to deal with it. Taking something does no good since it doesn't hurt the same amount all the time, not moving makes it tolerable - how do you medicate that? So, I'll wear the clunky brace as long as I have to - the only really thing that's becoming an issue is keeping track of my left shoes. Since I'm not wearing the left shoes they stay in the closet and the rights are all over the house. So at the end of the night I pair up my shoes since someday, I might wear two again!

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