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Saturday, March 12, 2011

At Loose Ends

It's finally finished - after all that time, all the whining and complaining - done! I finished it last night and this morning soaked and blocked it. It's currently drying on the downstairs guest bed and should be done in a couple of days. But now - what do I do now? I usually have a couple of projects in the pipes but since I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks I haven't had time to sit and consider it. I have some beautiful navy blue yarn so perhaps I'll make a sweater, I have more than enough for that.  And there's always socks,  I have some extremely beautiful sock yarns, so pretty it would make you cry. Socks are  a pretty good in between project but I just don't feel like it.  I just don't. Stop asking. We have an audit on Tuesday so we are all freaking out of course. I spent all day at the office going over charts, even though I know I missed something VERY VERY important. This will not show itself until Tuesday 10 am. I will die a thousand deaths. Yes I will. Will too. Shut up. So I left around 6 pm and had to turn around as my road is closed again -with all the rain and tons of melted snow and ice everything is a waterfall or a lake. The sides of the road are amusing with tiny streams shooting down the sides, pooling in the dips. The potholes are not as amusing, Kabanging my tires and making me shriek. The ones that are lying beneath the water are the worst as you can't see them and there you go again, ka-bang ka-bang. Adam and Jackson are fine, for all those concerned Jackson did not wash out with the tide this morning.  He was asleeping and then went to work. Adam is enjoying being a renter, has all sorts of plots and plans afoot. It's good to be him these days.

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Sinéad said...

Oh my word. That shawl is absolutely amazing. Just breathtaking. Well done! I think you deserve a nice easy project after that mammoth one! You really are a talented knitter. Oh, and good luck with the audit on Tuesday!